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Home Services


We always applied a unique strategy for editing your images within due time frame with super quality.


Our high valuable hand-made technology is always achieving your confident level and it is different from regular software.


Creativity is the passion of our professional and quality services; you can trust us for any of your photo work.


We always keep the secret of your requirements and our all service is very confidential so now you can send us any type’s photos of you for editing specially.

Main Services

Clipping path service

Clipping path is generally branded as remove or erasing of background, knocking out image background or exactness. Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) provides ideal handmade clipping path service with keeping best superiority, modest prices and quick turnaround era. The pen tool is the most distinct key to make a top excellence clipping path. Trained graphic artists can able to guarantee that all particulars are measured with the high quality clipping path. Let us assist you save both time and money. Send us this, frequently the most rhythmic, labor concentrated part in your production workflow and we will add in an perfect clipping path and send the awesome edited image back to be supplementary processed by you as you see fit.

Multiclipping Path Service

In a general the environs parts of a image is adjusted by utilizing multi clipping path service, accordingly the inside distribution of that business is included and the break of the parts is disqualified from the concluding image. If you have any photo that need isolation or knockout of definite parts and require a change of color around individual workings, you can choose for such multi color path service. What you get is a premium quality such type of Services is done from award winning professional, skilled and creative experience of our designers. Photoshop and Illustrator are the major photo editing tools with which we perform path to your image. Anybody can use it because professionally. Now-a-days, all studios, graphic design, digital or event photographers, photo industries, model and advertising agencies, web Design Company and web optimization agency, catalog design companies and different types of printing companies are for the most part to use the multi clipping path services.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin or neck joint is widely also widely used for photo editing. Frequently, different types of online stores, such as stores selling under wear, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants and other types of garments go for Ghost Mannequin or neck joint service. Profession and expert Photographers don’t take photos from only camera snap of garments from top to bottom. They take shots of the front part and back of a shirt, for example. Our trained designer can take those shots and by the neck joint technique to create the full view by joining the neck area and designing a ghost part. The final product looks so normal and realistic that no one can tell that some parts of the images are created with software. If you are searching for a professional Ghost Mannequin or neck joint service, you should keep a few things in state of mind. Time is money. If a company doesn’t meet the deadline of clients so it’s really clients suffers losses. So, you should look a company who can do Ghost Mannequin or neck joint service within deadline time of client and can deliver the complete task.

Glamour Retouching

Professional and skilled Glamour Retouching is high end retouch & it is a great exposure for personal portraits and celebrity photos. Glamour Retouching Service make sure the touch of extreme image contain of human fashion or models. To highlight and improve the expression of a photo by retouching diverse body parts, Digital Cosmetology & Glamour Retouching is the best choice. We can modify color a B&W image, change, add or remove background or background knockout or remove object, repair that old faded picture, modify red eyes or enhance the image.

Raster To Vector

If you have any poor quality logo or your logo is low resolution and if you wants to make it perfect, looks good with high resolution vector graphics ,we are here to provide you what you want actually. Clipping Path Artisan will convey extraordinary quality vector image conversion, any design art work your required for raster to vector conversion. Generally vector photos can be scaled for an indistinct stage lacking any shameful and are wonderful for business logos or other substance those have to be resized frequently. Raster to vector images can give you effort for:
1. For the geometrical shapes of vector graphics it can be reshaped and resized very easily. But it’s value will be same.
2. The simply editable behavior of vector graphics make banners, logos or other images those require to be untouched normally.
3. Much smaller file size compared to a big raster image. Clipping Path Artisan in the field of vector art design, we can supply quality vector services which will assemble all your business requirements. If you have any printed reproduction of previous Logo, diagram, symbol, brooch, photograph, Artwork, Cartoon, Crest, Illustration, Painting, etc but you lost your original file, We provide you to our valuable Vector design service for you. Just make a clear scan (at least 200 PPI/DPI), and let Clipping Path Artisan to do the rest. Our expert hand drawn designer convert raster graphics/images into vector graphics Sometimes it is compulsory to make bigger images to an extremely big percentage or remaking logo, drawing etc. In such belongings first we need to exchange the raster to vector. These vector images can be scaled for an imprecise time without any undignified. Vectoring images is about budding vector graphics to raster graphics like as a digital bitmaps or photos. Vectored image have to be scaled up or losing extensively lacking lose the resolution and are much slighter in figures size. Our all vector work images are usually delivered in any format you want.

Image masking service

Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) is a leading image processing company who provides Image Masking service where we will add layer or channel masks to difficult images such as photos with hair, fur or fiber sections (likes – towels, ramp models, different types of objects or animals, etc). The process of Image Masking Service is an extensive and time consuming procedure and depends on a huge amount of the photo and the part to be masked. At Clipping Path Artisan usually Adobe Photoshop is used for photo masking. We use special masking techniques for special tasks based on the photos and criteria’s. There are many parts which includes with Image masking services. Image Masking Service include with:-
a) Alpha channel masking
b) Complex Layer Masking
c) Collage Masking
d) Translucent masking
e) Transparency masking
After all Image Masking service is a procedure for removing or knockout background of photos by Photoshop software. There are some types of techniques for masking in organize to take out the images from its own background and place in special background. We can also do the same work for remove or knockout background but masking is needed where image has fur or hair.

Background Remove

The Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) offers you the excellent of photo background removal services. It is a genuine open job to maintain the better quality of picture and cutout the background in an appropriate technique. Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) has the group of trained designers who can convey a high class job prepared in a blink of your eye. Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) is not forcing any person to faith on our work but we are well organized to allow any kind of challenge. We would request you now, try our Free Trial to click and judge our quality. It is there for a judge our ability!
Background Remove is usually used for taking out the manufactured goods/item from its background for using e-commerce image, product advertising, catalogs, inserting an object or remove an object to a segment on a design. Knockout image or background remove service sometimes refers to the connected service like image shadow, retouching / Masking Image Service when asked an object (like fur, hair, translucent images like glasses, lighting, flames and so on) to go away from transparent background or on a special background.

Image Manipulation

Image or photo manipulation is a process of creating a photo by control a part as well as newly formed other portions according to the exact portion of an image that makes the final photo as gorgeous as normal look. Photo manipulation helps to increase and recover the quality of a normal photo to an amazing photo.
Many editing companies use photo editors to take their normal photographs and arrange them for advertising or official use, cropping out avoidable background images, erase or add extra color and contrast, and many more things. But infrequently you require something superior—impressive that no regular photographer can produce with a camera without help. That’s why image manipulation comes in practical.
The professional and creative designer of Clipping Path Artisan (CPA) can provide Photo Manipulation Service to adjust a photograph either by adding material, public or tools in the surroundings or foreground. Our photo manipulation service group can create all the necessary changes to provide it a realistic and dynamic look.
Image Manipulation Includes:
Contrast correction
Image brightness adjustments
Cropping of photos
Color tuning
Color modification
Extra Object replacements
Elimination of sharp edges from pictures
Tuning photo contrast and brightness
Adding and removing substance from pictures

Mirror effect or reflection

A mirror reflection or reflection shadow is a shadow of an picture that makes the picture as attractive as ordinary glance.
No matter the type of images is it. Images with impractical original shadows or Images without any original shadows our manually created shadows (or reflections) will provide a sense of realism or depth for your pictures, serving the end watcher establish or disclose the spatial relationship between objects and backgrounds.
Our Highly trained Photo editor’s experts can afford you with an extremely precise, prompt and professional service for your benefit.